Black gown and tassel hat…

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Howdy ya’ll?

Okay, so, you spend a number of years of your lifetime in education, studying your backsides off. From Junior school, to Secondary school, (or as some of you may call it High school) from Secondary school to College and finally from College to University. The time when you start anticipating the day you wear that oversized black gown over your shoulders and that black cap with a tassel hanging down the side.

During university, you work towards that day and you work pretty hard. Some days are rougher and tougher than the other and some days you wish you could drop out. It felt like an eternity, with all the hard work, the late nights and the early mornings, stress, tears and tantrums. But before you know it, your only a month away from graduation. Theres that sudden boost of motivation that hits you during your final exams and once thats over, the sense of freedom is real.

‘What will i wear?, How will i look?, Would i be able to walk in these heels?, What if i trip over and embarrass myself on the stage?, OMG i need a matching hand bag…(I’m smiling as i write this and thinking of a special friend). The planning goes and on and on, it gets pretty stressful whilst preparing for graduation as you want everything to be perfect, you want to look your best in those graduation pictures that later become memories.

So, the day finally arrives you’re ready to hit the stage. That proud moment when your family sees you in that graduation attire and they all want a picture with you. Meanwhile, the times ticking and you start entering the graduation hall, theres soft music playing on the background as you walk towards your allocated seat, whilst feeling excited yet nervous.

Eventually, you get asked to make your way towards the stage and just about now you start feeling those goosebumps arising. It’s amazing how you can feel so much all at once. You’re now ready to walk the stage, you take your first step up and hand in your name card. This is the time you start walking along the stage, while your name and degree gets mentioned to the crowd, they’re all applauding and your friends are cheering in excitement for your achievement. You walk holding your head high infront all those people with a great sense of accomplishment and not only that, the mixture of emotions you experience at the time is phenomenal.

It’s funny how your happy but sad at the same time, how it’s all coming to an end so soon, although thats what you hoped for during the sleepless nights, working hard on those assignments, presentations and preparing notes for exams.

You reach to the end of the stage and hand shake with the Dean. You’re now a graduate and ready to experience the real world and the practical side of life like an adult.


Thats my graduation story right there. I’m sure ya’ll eager to know what i graduated in. So, something possessed me to study Law and here i am with a first class in Bachelors in Law and a Higher Paralegal Diploma.

Just a small word of advice, have faith in yourself, have faith in God and sky is the limit. Never underestimate yourself, something i did, to the point where i was ready to drop out in my second year but thanks to Student Finance i continued, wasn’t going to pay them for nothing now was i? It takes a lot of hard work but trust me you can do it.

Hope you enjoyed this post and congratulations to all those students out there who have graduated or who are yet to graduate. – all the best in your life. x

Till next time my loves.x

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