Daughters – (rant with a bit of Urdu – translated)

The kind of mentality contained by some of the South Asian families whether educated or not, is that a girl is only there to do Choola handi (kitchen chores).  Yes, this mentality is still present in our society today, surprisingly, you think people would grow with time, but unfortunately that's not the case. It's all … Continue reading Daughters – (rant with a bit of Urdu – translated)


Hey Lovelies, So, today i want to talk little bit about inspiration. Positive inspiration can result in a happier and healthier life with possible sense of fulfilment. During your lifetime you come accross certain people that inspire you or you inspire them in a way that significantly changes one's life. However, it's not always an easy … Continue reading Inspire

Be your own kind of beautiful

Hi Beauts, It's been a while. So, out of human nature we tend to be very conscious of our flaws and end up making unnecessary comparison with others, that not only causes us to get upset, but also makes one feel rather inferior to someone who may not have similar flaws to us. We tend … Continue reading Be your own kind of beautiful

Revolution Luxury Powder | Banana

Hey beautiful people, Hope you're all doing great and having a great day. So, if you follow me on instagram, you'd be aware that i promised my followers a review on the Revolution Luxury Setting Powder in Banana. If you don't follow me on gram already, then what are you waiting for? Getting following girls! … Continue reading Revolution Luxury Powder | Banana

Three Most Favourite Scents

Hey Sweet-peas, Hope everyone's having a blessed day. So, just like makeup and shoes, a girl can never have enough perfumes. I feel like it's so essential for not just females, but also males to smell good. I mean, there's nothing more attractive then a gentleman walking past you, wearing a good perfume that blows … Continue reading Three Most Favourite Scents

Black gown and tassel hat…

Hey Amazing Peeps, Howdy ya'll? Okay, so, you spend a number of years of your lifetime in education, studying your backsides off. From Junior school, to Secondary school, (or as some of you may call it High school) from Secondary school to College and finally from College to University. The time when you start anticipating … Continue reading Black gown and tassel hat…

Magical Potion

Hey Loves, Hope you’re all are doing great. So, there's always this one product that you incorporate in your daily life, it's probably something that you will continue using for as long as you can and as long it's available to purchase on the market. Even if it's not, you'll hunt it down like a … Continue reading Magical Potion

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer |Medium

Hello my Lovelies, Hope ya'll doing great. So, lets get straight into the review of the day. Talking of concealers, I personally think they play a huge part during the process of makeup application. It's almost like the heart of all makeup products. Wouldn't you agree? Especially when it's the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. The most trending … Continue reading Tarte Shape Tape Concealer |Medium